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ENJOY AMAZING COFFFE before or after you visit our boutique

330 Charlotte St, Sydney, NS
No Regular Storefront Hours for 2023

Sissiboo Coffee Roaster

We proudly carry the best darn coffee beans in Nova Scotia.

Jonathan Welch and his partner Erin are among those who have made the choice to live rurally, in a town of 800 people called Bear River, they recognize the beauty of operating a small business and the reward is knowing one's neighbours very well.

Jon and Erin both know one of the keys to a good life is the luxury of a delicious, freshly roasted cup of coffee. Inspired by the coffee culture of BC, where you find micro-roasters in many small towns, Jon and Erin felt there was space in the Maritimes for another roaster offering premium Arabica fair trade organic coffee.

Sissiboo, said to be an Acadian word meaning "six owls" refers to a local river system that borders on one of the largest wilderness areas in eastern Canada. Inspired by the wildness of the rugged Acadian coastline and forests, the incredible power of the Bay of Funday and the reminder of constant change that comes with living on a tidal river, a business name was chosen that would reflect this unique corner of the world.

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